Jun 06 2010

Celebrating our Time Together

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Two Schools Two Countries

On June 3, 2010 our sister school, Raey Guang Elementary arrived at Georgetown.  We spent two days together ….learning about our cultures, community, educational systems and one another.  It was a wonderful time together and one that we will always remember.  View this slideshow for highlights of our special moments…and visit our school blog for history about our pen pal relationship which began in September, 2008.  You can also view this slide show onYOUTUBE.

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Jun 04 2010

We Love our Raey Guang Friends!

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We just had the most incredible two days with our friends from Raey Guang Elementary School! To read more, visit this blog site: GEORGETOWN

Group photo

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May 31 2010

Preparing for our Pen Pals

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On Thursday of this week we will meet our friends from Raey Guang Elementary, our sister school in Pingtung, Taiwan. A group of 29 students (grades 3-6), four teachers and the principal are traveling from Taiwan to Hudsonville to meet us and learn about the American educational system. The group has arrived in Los Angeles and visited Disney Land over the weekend. I received these great photos today from Miss Helen Tai, the teacher who has been my pen pal this year.


They will be flying into Detroit on Tuesday and traveling to Mackinaw to see the bridge and the island before arriving in Hudsonville later this week.

When they arrive on Thursday, June 3, the students will be matched with their pen pals–Georgetown students who have been communicating via email for four months. They will go to classes together, share projects, eat lunch, enjoy recess and much more. At 2:30 pm, we will come together as an entire school to welcome them and exchange gifts.

The Raey Guang students will spend Thursday afternoon and evening with host families from our school. On Friday, the pen pals (Georgetown and Raey Guang) will visit the Meijer Gardens together.

We are very excited for their arrival. To view photos of all the pen pals visit this slide show:

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May 09 2010

A Day At Georgetown

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We created a video that we hope helps you to understand what our school looks like…and also what a typical day of learning is like at Georgetown.

We are very excited about your visit to meet us. We want your everyone at your school to see what our school is like. We also want your parents and families to see the building and the wonderful people what work and learn at our school.

I hope you enjoy this video. Mrs. Reagan

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May 02 2010

A Letter to Annie

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Our penpals from Raey Guang are on schedule to arrive on June 3, 2010.  We have been communicating with them through email…and we are getting very excited about their visit.  Here is an email from Madison to her friend, Annie.

maddie to annie

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Mar 26 2010

Learning Chinese from our Pen Pals!

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Happy’s  email pen pal, Amy,  is teaching her Chinese!  Check out these American words matched to Chinese words.  If you want to hear how Chinese words are pronounced and try to learn some yourself, check out this link:  MANDARIN

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Mar 15 2010

Photos of Pingtung

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Before our visitors arrive, I would like all of us to learn as much about the area in which they live, learn and play.  It is difficult to find photos of Pingtung, Taiwan on the internet search engines.  However, services such as Flickr (a group photo sharing and saving site) allow you to gaze at other peoples photographs.

Photographers are asked to tagged their photos with key words during the upload process.  I searched on flickr for photos tagged with the word, ‘pingtung’ and this yielded wonderful results!

Check out these photos of locations including the views of the city, bridges, mountain ranges, tourist locations, vegetation, food, people and much more.  I also have loaded this gallery to the side bar on the right.  Click on the photo of the bridge to open the slide show.

Pingtung Photos

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Mar 15 2010

Weather in Pingtung

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Have you ever wondered what the weather is link in Pingtung, Taiwan?  Wikipedia explains that Pingtung is located in the  far southern area of Taiwan.   Because the city is between two mountain ranges, it is humid and very hot in the summer and cool in the winter.   I have included a live link to the weather under the All About Raey Guang page above.

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Mar 14 2010

From Mason to David

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Mason to David

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Mar 14 2010

Happy and Amy

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Happy is communicating with Amy, a 5th grader from Raey Guang.  Amy has sent Happy two emails–one that introduces herself and another that talks about the environment of Pingtung City.

Amy 1Amy 2

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